Emergency Appointments in Fort Worth, TX


Accidents and dental emergencies can happen, and knowing what to do if one takes place can make the difference between preserving or losing a tooth.

Our highly trained and compassionate team at Westcliff Family Dentistry is here to care for you in the event of an emergency. We believe that information is power. Below are tips to follow if you or a loved one experience a dental emergency.

A Swollen Face

A swollen face may indicate a critical dental infection that requires immediate response by a dentist. You could have a severe tooth, bone, or gum infection. Don’t wait. You may have an urgent condition. Call us and come in to see us right away without delay. Infections in or around your mouth may cause serious complications. Drink plenty of fluids and stay upright until you can get to us.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If a tooth is knocked out due to trauma caused by an accident or injury, make sure to retrieve it and hold it by the crown and not the root. Touching the root damages the tissue that helps with reimplantation. If possible, try to reinsert the tooth back in its socket but never try to force it in. If that does not work, you can place the tooth between your teeth and gums, in some milk, or in a tooth preservation product.

Time is of the essence because knocked out teeth with the highest chances of being saved are those that are treated by a dentist and returned to their socket within one hour of being knocked out. During treatment, we will also need to assess and determine whether the impact could have also caused a jaw fracture. Call us and come in immediately!

Partially Dislodged (Extruded) Tooth

Make sure not to touch or remove the tooth from your mouth even if it is partially out of its socket. Apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth or cheek in the affected area and take over the counter pain medication to relieve your tooth pain. As long as the blood vessels and nerves remain intact, we may be able to save your extruded tooth without root-canal treatment, depending on how displaced it is. It essential that you contact us and come in to see us right away.

Chipped, Cracked or Broken Teeth

Make sure to save any pieces of your tooth and rinse your mouth using warm water. If there is any bleeding, apply pressure using gauze until the bleeding stops. Apply a cold compress to the area of your face near the chipped, cracked, or broken tooth to keep swelling down and to relieve any pain. Contact us and come in to see us as soon as possible to increase your chances of saving your tooth. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the soft tissues, including the tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips, can cause significant bleeding. Clean the area with water and use gauze to apply pressure to the bleeding site. Use a cold compress on your face by the affected area to control bleeding and relieve the pain. If the bleeding does not stop, contact us and see us right away. Continue to apply pressure on the bleeding area until you get to us.


An abscess is an infection that can be a severe condition. It can damage tissue and surrounding teeth, and if untreated, the infection can spread to other areas of your body. Abscesses can cause severe oral and general health problems, so make sure you contact us immediately if you notice that you have a yellow, red, clear, or whitish pimple-like swelling on your gum that is painful. Rinsing with a mild salt water solution will help ease your pain and draw the pus toward the surface. Do not attempt to pop your abscess.


Toothaches can be severe causing extreme pain and discomfort. A toothache could indicate tooth decay, a cavity, gum disease, or another oral condition. First, clean out your mouth with warm water, then gently use dental floss to remove any lodged food. If you notice swelling, apply a cold compress to your mouth or cheek. Never place aspirin or any other painkiller directly against your gum or near the aching tooth. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can determine the cause of your toothache to treat it and alleviate your pain.

Lost Crown Or Filling

Make an appointment to see us as soon as possible. If missing a filling, you may fill the space with sugarless gum or over the counter dental cement. If your crown falls off, try to place it over your tooth and secure it in place with over the counter dental adhesive. Never use super glue.

Precautions to Avoid Injuries to Your Teeth

It is not possible to eliminate all risks for accidents, but a few precautions could help avoid unnecessary tooth injuries. If you are participating in sports or recreational activities, a mouthguard can help protect your teeth. Avoid chewing hard candy, popcorn kernels, or anything that can crack a tooth. Never use your teeth as tools. Use scissors or bottle openers instead.

We Are Here For You

We, at Westcliff Family Dental, are here for you in the event you have a dental emergency. Our expert team is fully prepared and will do everything possible to address your needs. Remember that when you have a dental emergency, it is essential that you contact us and visit us as soon as possible!  You can rest assured that you are in caring, capable hands.