Comprehensive Exam in Fort Worth, TX

Maintaining your optimal oral health is more than just treating dental problems as they arise.

Prevention and early detection work together to promote healthy teeth. At Westcliff Family Dentistry, we offer the best and most comprehensive dental exams you can find. Our thorough examinations work to ensure long-term oral health through checking the health of your entire mouth. Our goal is to help you and your family enjoy healthy teeth for years to come!

What Does The Comprehensive Dental Exam Entail?

When you come to our dental office to see us for your initial or routine Comprehensive dental exam, we will evaluate all aspects of your dental health. Before examining your teeth, we will take an extensive medical and dental history. We will also ask you about any current or previous complaints, dental experiences, or cosmetic goals. Our thorough exam includes the following components:

Digital X-Rays

A full set of digital x-rays will identify and diagnose any oral health concerns. Looking at the images will help us detect tooth decay, bone loss, cysts and other abnormalities. We will share any of our findings with you and will discuss any needed treatments or corrections.

Periodontal Exam

As plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, your body reacts to it by becoming inflamed. This inflammatory response may cause the bone and gum tissue to pull away from your teeth, resulting in deep pockets where bacteria flourishes. If periodontal disease is not detected early on, you may end up losing bone and gum tissue, and may ultimately suffer tooth loss. Additionally, there is evidence linking the health of your mouth to your overall health.

During your periodontal examination, we will take measurements around your teeth to measure the depth of space between the teeth and gums. We also see if there is any root exposure, loosening of teeth, or the presence of inflamed gum tissue. This thorough periodontal examination will help ensure that you prevent conditions including gingivitis and periodontal disease from developing, or catch them in early their stages before they progress and cause damage.

Tooth By Tooth Exam

Examining your teeth one at a time is one of the essential components of your comprehensive dental exam. You may have chips or cracks that you are not aware of that have the potential of causing pain. We will analyze the health of your enamel and determine if any of your teeth are at risk of developing cavities. Early identification will help us prevent cavities or repair your teeth before they require more extensive treatment, keeping more of your tooth structure intact.

During your tooth-by-tooth exam, we will also look for overcrowding that may potentially cause cracks or breaks, out of date fillings or restorations, along with many other factors. This exam will help us determine any preventive or restorative treatments you may need.

Cosmetic Exam

We will conduct an overall esthetic and cosmetic exam with a smile analysis, including photographs of your teeth. We will take measurements to evaluate the symmetry and harmony of your teeth. We will consider any cosmetic dental services that you may need including teeth whitening, restoring missing teeth, correcting crooked or misaligned teeth, and more. You will have the chance to express any concerns you have about the way your teeth look.

Occlusal Exam

During this exam, we perform a bite analysis to examine your bite, otherwise known as occlusion. Symptoms such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain and clicking, loose teeth, excessive tooth wear, or movement of teeth are symptoms consistent with a bite that is unstable. A bad bite or malocclusion can lead to many functional and aesthetic problems. During the exam, we will determine if your teeth need adjusting to correct the occlusion, or if a treatment is needed to relieve any discomfort.

Oral Cancer Screening

This painless and quick exam can save your life! When detected and treated in its early stages, oral cancer can be 90% curable. Oral cancer continues to be a growing problem among people aged 40 and older, especially among smokers. However, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), more than 25 percent of people diagnosed with oral cancer do not have any lifestyle risk factors, meaning that everyone should get an oral cancer screening.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Dental Exam

We, at Westcliff Family Dental, believe that our comprehensive dental exam offers many benefits to you. You will gain an understanding of the condition of your teeth, gums, TMJ’s, and the causes of any disease. You will learn ways to enhance your oral hygiene practices. You will also have a good idea about any restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures needed to meet your desired goals. Based on our examination, we will be able to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan offering the best solutions for any present or potential problems. You will be able to make an informed decision about your oral health care.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Once your exam is concluded, we will work our findings into an individualized treatment plan including immediate needs, future needs, and elective procedures you may want to consider. We will then help you with determining the next steps in any treatment plan you may need.

Begin Your Journey to Oral Health Today

Visit us at Westcliff Family Dental today to learn more about our comprehensive dental exams and how they can help promote your oral health. Our highly trained and experienced staff will work diligently to keep your teeth safe and healthy for years to come!